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Commitment to Philanthropy
& Civic Engagement

We rise by lifting others.

-Robert Ingersoll.


Beautify Fresno Supporter

Beautify Fresno is a city-wide effort to clean our neighborhoods, streets, and highways by partnering with local organizations, non-profits, churches and service organizations, and individuals in the community.

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First Responders pandemic outreach

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for first responders. Auston Consulting has committed to providing long-term support to our local first-responders.


Fresno County Commission on the Status of Women

The Fresno County Commission on the Status of Women creates a community focusing on women. By creating a diverse network, we can lift our sisters and their families to a safe, secure, and financially stable quality of life.
When women thrive, communities thrive.

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City of Fresno Women's Commission

The City of Fresno Women's Commission is to advice the Council on the special needs and concerns of women of all ages, races, and economic and social circumstances.

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Urban Diplomacy Delegation

Local leaders act as international ambassadors of goodwill.

Community Commitment: Resources and Tips
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